West Coast Pirates®

For Sea Lovers & Pirates At Heart

49°39.699’N  124°55.523’W

Inspired by the west coast, the ocean & all its glory.
Based on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Surrounded by coastal seaways, curving beaches, diverse rainforest & snow capped mountains.

Navigating with a nautical, pirate, ocean theme; through legendary designs West Coast Pirates® Clothing often illustrates local folklore & tales of seamen past & present. Artefacts reminding us of who we are. Revealing truths about not just individual lives, but the communal values & experiences of the west coast. A shared love of all things on the sea, under the sea & by the sea!

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West Coast Pirates® aims to collaborate with other rad artists or those who wish to come aboard & celebrate seafaring, pirate glory, salt water dreams.

Arrr! Lets pirate memories together!

West Coast Pirates® is a proud sponsor of Pirates Against Pipeline / Ban Oil Tankers On The BC Coast & is a defender against land, air & water encroachment.